Occupation – Annihilation – Forced Labour - Papers from the 20th Workshop on the History and Memory of National Socialist Concentration Camps


Edited by Frédéric Bonnesoeur, Philipp Dinkelaker, Sarah Kleinmann
Jens Kolata and Anja Reuss
Translated by Andreas Förster and Lindsay Marcks

The present anthology is the result of the 20th  Workshop on the History and Memory of National Socialist Concentration Camps that took place in Minsk, Belarus in April 2015. It assembles research papers of up-and-coming scholars from Western and Eastern Europe who, from different perspectives, deal with problems of political, economic and ideological processes and dynamics in the context of the German policy of occupation, annihilation and forced labour. Furthermore, some essays discuss the partly confl icting and politically delicate debate on and the struggle for the commemoration of World War II and National Socialism.

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