The concentration camp SS 1936–1945: Excess and direct perpetrators in Sachsenhausen concentration camp – An exhibition at the historical site


Edited by Günter Morsch

Schriftenreihe der Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten, Band 53

„Tower A“ was the focal point of Sachsenhausen concentration camp‘s design, which embodied the
„Geometry of Total Terror“. It housed the command staff unit for the protective custody camp. This
consisted of the Camp Leader, Report Leaders and Block Leaders. Their authority over the prisoners
was absolute. In the direct perpetration of excesses, they showed brutality and cruelty, despotism
and inhumanity, to which any number of prisoners could fall victim each day.
The catalogue contains all texts and numerous illustrations from the permanent exhibition
„The Concentration Camp SS 1936-1945: Excesses and Direct Perpetrators“.

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