From Centre to Periphery and Beyond: The History and Memory of National Socialist Camps and Killing Sites


Edited by Jonathan Zisook, Florian Zabransky, Laura Stöbener, Maximilian Schulz, Christian Schmittwilken, Robert Obermair, Ulrike Löffler, Agathi Bazani

Inviting a conceptual reconsideration of centre and periphery in the study of National Socialist camps and killing sites, this volume puts forth novel scholarly analyses of the history and memory of the Holocaust and World War II. The book is organised thematically into three interrelated sections that engage innovative methodological approaches to the history of this period, perpetrator studies, and post-war memorial practices. Employing a fluid and interpretive understanding of centre and periphery, the authors offer timely interventions into the use of visual sources and archival materials, explore perpetration and collaboration as transnational and political categories, and examine contested legacies of the Holocaust, and post-war commemorative practices, pedagogy and memorialisation.

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